Adding related documents

Adding related documents and PDF’s is a great way to quickly and easily add additional online content. Follow these simple steps.

First, make sure you’re working with a pdf, word or excel document. Many times, things like maps are in fact image files. If what you have is an image, simply make sure it is a .jpg file and link it as you would any other photograph.

Save the PDF or .doc file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.

Name the file something that readers can see and make sense of.

Open your Saxotech FTP connection and drop the file in the folder titled DU7 Assets Drop.

In the MWC, select assets for one of the modules and click the plus sign to create a new asset.

In the new asset prompt, title the asset something that makes sense to readers (there is a character limit), browse and select the asset you uploaded where the “Path” field is displayed and make sure ‘copy to default asset folder’ is selected. Click Save.

Without holding any other keys, click and drag the asset to the article.



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