Recache of online pages

Pages on the website will re-cache themselves on a timed basis, however if changes to headlines or articles need to be seen immediately, they need to be manually re-cached.

You’ll need to be an editor with permissions to use the Online Edit interface, or online ui.

Each article in the online edit interface has a block of buttons in the left column. Click the third from the left (a small page icon) to re-cache and preview the article.

article cash


Clicking on the category name will re-cache the index page for that section of the website. For instance, clicking the Local News category next those articles, the Local News index page will be re-cached to show the most recent changes.

section cache


Filter to the current day and click on the “Front page” button to re-cache any changes made to headlines, article order or images seen on the homepage of the website.


Section front pages (not articles or photo galleries) can be re-cached by typing &nocache=1 at the end of the url, without the trailing slash.



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