Common posting issues and how to resolve them

If articles are not publishing online, there are a few steps to take to get through the issue.

If a single article will not publish online, try these steps.

  • First, make sure the proper Channel is selected for publication, and try again.
  • If the article has an asset attached (doc, mp3, pdf or video) make sure it is linked without a caption icon between the article and the asset. If a caption exists, cut that link and try again.
  • If the article has the proper channel and a repeated attempt fails, delete any text in the ‘Summary field’ of the article properties and try again.
  • If that does not work, right click on the article and select Create copy on channel…(select a channel affiliated with the same pub, so if the channel is DH, select DH web only.) Try to publish the copy.
  • If that still does not work, right click and select ‘copy styles and links.’ Then create a new article and paste the styles and links. Make sure any category, taxonomy and priority information is set on the new copy. Try to publish online.
  • Another issue may be two or more sidebars linked to the article. In this case, and if the article is already linked to a print page, create a copy on another channel. Unlink sidebars, leaving only one. Create factboxes or related articles in place of the sidebars and link them to the main article. Publish

If no articles are publishing online and MediaWare Center is showing only green arrows that never turn to check marks, notify a ‘super-user,’ who can call Saxotech. They will need to tell Saxotech that you have an editorial issue. They will get an editorial customer service representative on the phone and fix it. (If you want to feel fancy, tell them you think they need to recycle the app pools because it appears mwp/ows is down.)


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