Uploading video and linking it to an article

An account to upload videos in the Castfire system is required. If you need an account created, see the Photo/Video Manager.

Follow these steps:

Log in to Castfire

  • Select the correct ‘Content Producer.’ (News, Sports, etc)
  • Click “Add Show” to upload your video, giving it a title and selecting the video channel in the media type in the ‘Channel’ drop down.
  • Add or select a poster frame and add any keywords that match the content.
  • If the video is with a centerpiece news article, click ‘Frontpage’ under ‘Syndication partners.’

Log in to Saxotech

  • Go to the Assets module and select File/Create New/URL Asset.
  • In Castfire, go to the Profiles tab and copy the 768kbps m4v URL.
  • In Saxotech, paste this URL in the new asset window URL field and give the asset a name.
  • Go to the general properties tab for the new asset and select Castfire for Asset type, then click save.
  • Without holding the ‘control’ key, click and drag the asset to the article.
  • Select the article properties and make the following changes.
  1. Go to the ‘Web’ tab and select ‘Embed Left’ in the ‘Multimedia’ field.
  2. Go to the ‘Keywords’ tab and add a taxonomy of ‘Video.’

NOTE: If the video is a standalone video, you must create an article with a headline and link either a photo or a teaser image.

Click here to learn about linking teaser photos.

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